Initiatives Undertaken 2020-21

RYLA 2021

4th April'21/ Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad, Haryana.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is an annual leadership program hosted by Rotaract District Organisation 3011 to acknowledge the work of young Rotaractors and Interactors throughout the year. RYLA was a hub for networking between Rotarians, Rotarcators, and Interactors. This extravagant gala was an amalgamation of business sessions, award nights, entertainment activities, cultural performances that brought together young people across Delhi and NCR for a few days of an unforgettable experience. Through its seminars, speaker sessions, and other activities, RYLA imparted professional development to young individuals. It aimed to build a global fraternity through fellowship. RYLA also brought an opportunity for self-development through service.

It provided a platform to become a youth icon with a footfall of 300+ Rotaractors. With a direct reach of over 1,00,000 Rotaractors, it provided a chance to cater to this massive young population.

The Business and Motivational Sessions were infused with creativity and learning. RYLA housed various speaker sessions that will be beneficial to its young audience. These speaker sessions were motivational, business-oriented, and much more.

The Cultural Activities made RYLA a place to share ones’ culture and celebrate it with others! Various cultural performances such as folk songs, folk dancing, etc. promoted inclusivity of all the cultures and representation to the suppressed ones.

The Fellowship Activities made RYLA a place to foster new friendships and everlasting bonds between the Rotaractors. From fun games to dancing to sports- RYLA had it all!


Post the lockdown, Rotaract District 3011 organized a trip for rotaractors to rejuvenate themselves in the lush green valleys of Nainital and the scenic beauty of Jim Corbett.
The District organized a District Excursion trip to Jim Corbett and Nanital from January 9 to 11, 2021. It aimed at increasing fellowship between the members amidst the greenery of Jim Corbett.
It was a beautiful experience for all the members. The rotaractors made wonderful memories for life and friendships that will go a long way! It was a great means to enhance the fellowship between the Rotaractors of Rotaract District 3011.
The trip hosted members from multiple clubs who engaged in camping, boating, trekking, sightseeing, and much more. This trip was a much-needed jaunt to increase the bonding between the members.
Day 1 encouraged the members to spend their time enjoying the landscape from a riverbank as well as in front of the bonfire at Corbett, while the next day was spent at a campsite near Nanital. On the last day, the Rotaractors went to Bhimtal for boating.
It was an extremely wholesome trip that enabled the attendees to make loads of memories together.


E-Rotaract Interact Social Connect, also termed E-RISC was a fun program, organized by District 3011, to bridge the gap between the rotaractors and interactors across international Rotaract districts.

The event nurtured the attendees’ leadership skills and enhanced bonds worldwide.

The members got to know the pioneers of Rotary with the hosts at E-RISC. The event also mended the path for rotaractors who wished to become Rotarians and to succeed in life, along with the choice of social service at each step.

Not only did it create ways for more coordination within the Rotary community but also brought together people from all around the globe, breaking all the barriers of language, colour, caste and creed.


Rotathon is one of the premier initiatives dedicated to all young and aspiring-budding entrepreneurs and social innovators across International Rotaract Districts. It is a perfect platform for a start-up ecosystem bringing the creative minds together, providing an opportunity to showcase their dream ideas and to assess their commercial viability.
Being an amalgamation of ideathon and hackathon, it also possesses a set of challenging problem statements requiring divergent thinking and skill-set, critically evaluated by a panel of eminent industry and entrepreneurial experts.
Workshops for personal growth and bringing out the creative side of everyone were organized by the district through this grand event.

3rd March
Pitch Perfect: How to successfully present your product in under 5 minutes.
The Rotaract District 3011 provided the platform for professional development with this product presentation session. The session hosted esteemed professionals to guide the participants of the competition. Our speakers included Ronak Sakhuja, working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft India. He is a graduate of Delhi Technological University. He has won many international and national Hackathons; and Gitanjali Jaggi, currently working as an Account Manager at Microsoft India. She has experience in Project and Portfolio Management as well as branding and marketing strategies for young brands.

27th March
Serverless technology by Roman.
The Rotaract District 3011 provided the platform for professional development with this session. The session hosted an esteemed professional to guide the participants of the competition. Mr. Roman, currently working in the largest bank in Russia, graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University. An Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer, he is actively engaged in the development of serverless solutions.


R.I. District 3011 believes that there isn't a better way to thank God than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark. The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

Community Service Committee of Rotaract District 3011 organized 'QISSA- The Audio Story' aimed at creating an audio library for the visually challenged and to extend overall development for all.

Qissa not only helped them communicate better but also to get access to this essential educational resource. And most importantly, it gave them the joy of the literary world! The project continues to look at collecting new stories from diverse people and gradually increase its reach with new campus ambassadors promoting the cause at different levels.

The district is elated to witness 450+ stories being collected in March and 900+ audio stories being collected in total. The district aims to scale up the project to help raise the impaired.


"Waste isn't waste until we waste it."
Rotaract District 3011 organized AKSHAR 2.0 with Rotaract Club of Delhi Elite as the host club to revise the 3R's of environment practically.
We recognize our privilege to have stationery for ourselves, to fulfill our requirements, however, there are millions of children who cannot afford the same, while millions of people waste paper and contribute to pollution.

The rotaractors learned how reducing, reusing, and recycling can help us, our community, and the environment by saving money, energy, and natural resources with Rotaract District 3011 and witness how both the situations are confronted together. Specific criteria for the collection of RADDI were made to bring a sense of enthusiasm to the noble cause.

The names of the participants eligible for special mention criteria were featured in the recycled AKSHAR notebooks.
Special perks like LOA were awarded for the step towards the community and environment by the district to every contributor for the sense of belongingness and satisfaction. The district aimed to accelerate itself such that tomorrow can be celebrated with these noble efforts put together today!


"I am building a fire and every day I train I add more fuel; at just the right moment, I light the match" ~ Mia Hamm
Rotaract District 3011 presented Sportsify, for all members of District 3011 and beyond from 13th-14th March!

The event brought forth the spirit of robust competitiveness, encouraging the participants with tremendous enthusiasm.

The district organized this 2-day Meet, enlightening the aura of synergy, witnessing the sets of multifarious matches of varying sports, allowing the participants to broaden their horizons and to scope beyond their limitations.

The event conducted matches in cricket, futsal, table tennis, chess, carrom and many more! The active sports event allowed for the enlightenment of the aura of synergy, witnessing the magic of sports and fellowship, adding sparkle to the Rotaract journey of all!


A sanitary napkin is not a privilege but a basic human right.
Rotaract District 3011 with its Commitment to Excellence launched Project SARAL ~ A sanitary pad donation drive with supporting clubs Rotaract Club of Delhi Rajdhani & Rotaract Club of Unified Spirits, sponsored by Sankalp Foundation.
The drive was devoted to women's upliftment and empowerment by saving them from the indignity of life caused due to the absence of something as basic as a sanitary napkin. Under the initiative SARAL we have distributed a total of 1315 packets of pads and Moisturizers in places where basic sanitation is still a luxury. These included many underprivileged colonies and schools. All was done within 1 month and 2 weeks.
Having a sanitary napkin isn’t enough, being able to use it and as per one’s comfort makes better menstruation a better experience. Menstruation is biologically as well as mentally taxing, dealing with which is a challenge in every menstruator's life. Saral along with the distribution of napkins also equipped women to deal with those obstacles through imparting necessary knowledge.
A gift like a safe period stays for a lifetime. These drives served as a chance to express our gratitude towards menstruators for their courage and strength also to show that they are not alone in this period journey!


Rotaract District 3011 with supporting clubs Rotaract Club of Delhi Vedanta, Rotaract Club of Delhi Janak, and Rotaract Club of Ingenious Mind took pride in hosting Prashikshan - A Conference for Students and Teachers. Prashikshan was a two-day digital initiative with an aim to Train Teachers and Brief Students about the New Education Policy that took place on November 21 and 22, 2020.

The two-day event started with a keynote session with renowned experts like Dr. Kuldeep Aggarwal and Dr. Rajiv Lochan.

An engaging skill training session was also planned on 'Personal Development and Advancement with the art of Public Speaking' with Author Sherry.
Day 2 of Prashikshan was all about teachers. The day had a panel discussion lined up with speakers like Shilpa Hattiangadi, Sushruti Sachdev, Akshay Arora, and Deepika Singh. I also witnessed a skill training session with my Magnetic Personality Coach, Archika Arora. The skill training session included tips for teachers on retaining students' attention during online classes.

Prashikshan became a forum to discuss and understand the ground-breaking New Education Policy as well as the nuances in the field of education. It not only helped students from all walks of life gain a fresh perspective about India's changing education sector but also helped school teachers and aspiring teachers understand it too. It was an insightful learning experience for all the students, teachers, and rotaractors.


“To the young and healthy it’s no loss. To the sick, it’s the hope of life. Donate Blood to give back life.”
Rakt sahayak was an initiative by R.I. District 3011 supported by the Rotaract Club of Faridabad Aravalli. The initiative provided a detailed database about the blood requirements for people in need during this critical time in our lives.

Preparing a database of voluntary donors and bridging the gap between donors and patients was the main objective of the drive.
Rakt Sahayak aimed at creating a comprehensive database of Blood Donors through whom we can do our little bit towards serving humanity, by providing anyone in need, a medium through which they can get quick access to blood needed for a loved one in need of a family member.

“A single pint can save three lives; a single gesture can create a million smiles”
Rakt sahayak did create a change in society and is continuing to help connect potential donors with needy ones. Safety is always a concern during the COVID times and it makes the district proud that all the donations were safe. Information like name, age, blood group, medical history was asked through a google form. Hospitals and blood banks were contacted for adequate supply for required blood groups.

A webinar with Bloodconnect Foundation was conducted under the rakt sahayak initiative on 5th January with esteemed speakers - Dr. Tejinder Singh and Ms. Supriya Sharma. It was such another moment for us to be a driving force for youth and to know that WE CAN BRING CHANGE to some extent.
The initiative created a sense of awareness among the youth and the myths about blood donation was busted by our speakers who have been working in this field for years. If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life.


"Life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner"

Professional development in this fast-growing world is an important element to thrive in life. Rotaract District 3011 organized SUIT UP! a professional skill development program for the Rotaractors in different fields namely, research, policymaking, personal interviews, digital marketing, etc. The initiative provided sessions for several skills a month and not just providing knowledge but also, how to imply it in real-life scenarios. The practical implications were conducted by the supporting clubs and had a guided approach. The clubs then had different options to hone each skill by indulging themselves in the activities like discussion, competition, treasure hunts, debates, spell bee, etc. A round table conference was also organized at the end of each month for those who wished to express their views about what they had learned. The event covered 2 skills imparted in a month starting from January till April 2021.

Different organizations were pitched for their specializations in the specific field. Field experts and speakers also taught skills to all the Rotarators, to make sure that the participants got to learn from the best people working in the market. The clubs were given the tasks to innovate events for all the skills and make sure the events included both practical and theoretical knowledge about the premise.


On 6th September 2020, Rotaract District 3011, under the eminent leadership of Rtn | Rtr PHF Sarthak Bansal, organized DOTS: District Official Training Seminar. Not allowing the pandemic to deter us, it was organized as a virtual training seminar, allowing District Administrative Members to attend from the safety of their homes.

The event was organized to allow members to acquaint themselves with each other and to allow everyone to get to know each other better before their respective work is assigned.

The Training Seminar provided everyone with a platform to hear from some of the most experienced Rotaractors and speakers while indulging with their fellow teammates of District 3011 and cultivating new bonds within the Rotaract Movement.


Under it’s initiative RAKT SAHAYAK, Rotaract District 3011 organised a Blood Donation Camp supported by Rotaract club of DAVIM, Rotaract club of Faridabad Aravalli and Rotaract club of Young Souvenirs, to serve the blood’s need. The camp was organised at the Jan Sahyog Welfare Association, 2K Park Community Centre, NIT, Faridabad.

Rakt sahayak seeked to bring about a change in the society, by encouraging people to continue to donate blood despite the trying circumstances. Blood is the elixir of life, and the cause needs all the helping hands it can get.
Information like name, age, blood group, medical history were asked through a google form. Hospitals and blood banks were contacted for adequate supply for required blood groups and proper precautions were imposed during the pandemic.
The initiative created a sense of awareness among the youth and the myths about blood donation were busted by our speakers who have been working in this field for years.


The last weekend of September, i.e., 26th to 27th September saw the District Administration organizing a Rotaract District Assembly to allow all the position holders at the club level to be well acquainted with the roles and responsibilities of their respective positions. The District welcomed all the dignitaries with a welcome address from District Governor Rtn. Sanjiv Rai Mehra. Shortly after, the members were sent into the respective breakout rooms where they were addressed by speakers like PDRR Mukesh Pratap Singh, PDRR Rajesh Subramanian, IPDRR Sneha Shakya, PDRR Naveen Senna, IPDRR Chintan Shah, PDRR Vivek Baskar, and many more! Day 1 was concluded with a session by PDG Rtn. Hemant Ahuja, on the importance of Team Building in Rotaract.

Day 2 was initiated by a session by Rtn. Anil Sachdev, District Rotaract chair and Rtn Kashish Chandan, District New Generations (Youth Services) Chair. The session was succeeded by an address by PDG Rtn. Deepak Kapoor, emphasizing the value of teamwork and how the district as a whole can function as a team.

Although we have a long way to go, we must remember that we also have come a long way.

The event saw a huge number of registrations and a whopping response on both days! The Board of Directors gave blooming feedbacks and elevation truly stood up to its name!


The Installation Ceremony of Rtn | Rtr PHF Sarthak Bansal was held on 13th September. District Governor Rtn Sanjiv Rai Mehra was invited as the Chief Guest to grace the occasion with his blessings. He has always encouraged and fostered the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service and has been critically acclaimed and internationally recognized. The event also saw Rtn Anup Mittal, the District Governor-Elect, as well as the District Governor Nominee Rtn Ashok Kantoor as the Guest of Honour.

We also took the opportunity to reveal the Theme of the Rota Year 20-21, Commitment to Excellence. As the new era ushered in, we looked upon our dreams, hopes, and ambitions, as we marched together to the new dawn. The things we have worked relentlessly for, our goals for the future, for ourselves and our community, are clearer and more concrete as we make it our life's mission to strive for excellence.

The warm and glowing ceremony was very heart-warming as Rtn Sarthak was collared as the District Rotaract Representative for the Rota Year. The ceremony saw the presence of numerous rotaractors from all over the district!


In October, Rotaract International District organized Learn to rise, a week-long initiative focussed on improving mental health in the times of COVID-19. The event scheduled from 6th to 10th October, saw many prominent personalities grace the occasion.
Supported by the Rotaract Club of Ramanujan, RID 3011 aspired to have Rotaractors who concentrate not only on the community's collective development but also on the enhancement of their own mental and physical health.
Intending to 'Make Rotaractors Mentally Fit', a laughter session was organized with Dr. Madan Kataria, on 5th October 2020. The session was filled with vibrant energy and was a much-needed relief in the current pandemic, where it seemed like we had almost forgotten how to laugh. The next in line was a writing session taken by Ms. Suhasini Subramanian, a counseling psychologist at Karma Centre for Counselling & Wellbeing on 6th October. Focussing on how writing can be therapeutic, the session highlighted the importance of writing as a form of self-love, introspection, and therapy. On October 7th, Rotaract District 3011 hosted Dr. Sajeela Maini, the Senior Consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. She was invited for a session on 'Speaking your Heart Out', focusing on the importance of expressing your feelings healthily. Ms. Aditi Kaul, an Arts-based therapist working with the Fortis group, was invited for a session on Art Therapy on 8th October. Ms. Aleena Ali took the last session of the event, coaxing us out of our beds for a fun Zumba session! No one likes to wake up at 8 am and get out of bed for a Zoom Zumba session. But this is exactly what the attendees did when they rolled out of beds straight into the Zumba classroom.
Overall, the event was a huge hit among rotaractors and non-rotaractors and saw a very energetic response on all the days.


To celebrate Halloween in its fun way, the organizing committee of Rotaract district 3011, came up with its plan. A very fun-filled session was hosted by the Rotaract Club of Young Souvenirs and Rotaract Club of Gurugram Midwest, inviting rotaractors from all the clubs to be a part of a fun-filled and exciting night.

The Rotaractors welcomed the event as a welcome change from the constant conundrum of zoom classes and internal exams. What made this event different was how the rotaractors found a way to have fun and make merry, despite not being able to meet each other in person. From games to sharing ghost stories, to dressing up creatively, this night saw it all.

For a lot of rotaractors, it was their first informal Rotaract event. They got a sneak peek into how the Rotaract family has fun and jokes around when they meet. The event was filled with a lot of fun and spooky games, where everyone came dressed as their favorite. The rotaractors found a way to uphold the Rotaract spirit of fellowship.


"It takes lives to save lives"

Organ donation is the process when a person allows an organ of their own to be removed and transplanted to another person, legally, either by consent while the donor is alive or dead with the assent of the next of kin.

The team organised a virtual rally to gain information on the awareness level of people on the issue. The virtual rally shall help the right people to recognise the power of organ donation and help those in need.

On this ever-revolving wheel of life, a transplant is the ultimate legacy a person leaves and indeed the greatest gift of community service to give a new lease of life to another.


"For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and DEBATE." ~ Margaret Heffernan Rotaract and Interact District 3011, in collaboration with Rotary Club of Delhi Midwest came-up with a joint initiative to promote professional development and foster public-speaking skills in young Interactors.

'Voice Your Opinion- Interact Debate 2020' was a virtual debate competition for Interact Clubs across Delhi and NCR. The finale of the event took place on November 8, 2020 on a virtual platform. It was a very stimulating competition that not only honed the public speaking skills of Interactors but also gave them a way for critical thinking.

‘Voice Your Opinion’, broke all the barriers of space and time to bring enthusiastic Interactors from distinguished schools of Delhi together on a virtual platform to compete against each other in Oxford-style debate.


If the coming generation will know what they are the best at doing, the country will be a happier place!

Rotaract District 3011 came up with "Project Vridhi, Empowering Learners" with Rotaract Club of Young India and Rotaract Club of Sri Aurobindo College as supporting clubs in collaboration with NIIT Foundation.

This project was inclined towards the growth of high school children to have a clear idea as to what all options are available to choose ahead as a career.

A FREE of cost diploma in various online courses was provided by the district with the help of the NIIT Foundation to children of NGOs/NPOs and colleges.

This initiative not only helped in the overall personality development but also opened the way to opportunities and explore to become a self-reliant youngster.


Rotaract District 3011 organized the third wave of Let's Talk - Let's Talk 3.0; love through a rainbow-colored lens hosted by Rotaract Club Of Delhi Vedanta which witnessed a celebration of love and pride by organizing a chat show with amazing Queer couples from around the world.
Love knows no boundaries and people should be accepting when it comes to love. To show the very beauty of diverse choices, Let's Talk-3.0 was announced.
The third wave was done to honor the love of people who solemnize monogamous and non-monogamous relationships.

The event was organized to commemorate Holocaust Day, wherein 9000+ Queer people were killed by the Nazi Government.

For the event, the hosts invited 3 couples, of which, 2 were in a monogamous relationship and 1 couple was in a Polyamorous throuple. They also had a baby boy and the throuple was based in Germany.

The love stories and the journey of being together taught our audience many things. They even left the attendees teary-eyed which showed that how unaccepting the society remains, causing them to face numerous hardships.
The session indeed served its purpose. A ton of positive feedback was received upon organizing such an event.


Rotaract District 3011 organised ‘PEHCHAAN: Sabka Haq’ a Talk Show on the occasion of Transgender Day of Remembrance, supported by Rotaract Club of Young Visionaries on 20th November, 2020. Organised around the theme of ‘Gender and Intersectionality: A focus on the Transgender community in India’. it emphasised on the need for a 360 degree paradigm shift, so as to provide equity to transgender people in India.

Developing on the importance of the cause, the hosts invited imminent personalities like Mx Damini Sinha (software engineer, and co host of Dew’s Social), Mx Simranjeet Singh (gender right activist), Mx Raj ( Founder, “Indian Asexuals, Artist) and Mx Neetu Kumar ( Governing body member, Infosems, a plus size model). The panellists were invited for a QnA session and broad range of topics were discussed, starting from their personal experiences from childhood to now, as well as anecdotes from the lives of different people around them. The conversation was very candid and the themes touched included perspectives on how to be a good ally, how to ensure that you use proper pronouns, the importanceof consent, respect, empathy, bullying, teasing and general transphobia etc.